Canada to Focus on Clean Energy Transport SR&ED

This month, the Canadian government has announced the first ten incentives as part of a four-year program dedicating $2.4 million to transport R&D of emission-free transportation.

Most of the world’s investment into low emission transportation focuses on road vehicles while Canada is looking at sectors that contribute to its overall greenhouse emission. According to studies conducted by Transport Canada, transportation contributes to 25 percent of the nations and is the second-largest contributor to the nation’s overall greenhouse emission.

The R&D incentive is mainly targeted at the nation’s top universities along with a few selected companies to come up with a range of alternatives. The program involves resolving specific issues including retrofitting ship propellers to increase efficiency for marine transport, increasing train connections to reduce idling time for rail and developing renewable energy biofuel for automobiles.

Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau said “the Clean Transport System Research and Development Program advances new technologies to reduce carbon pollution, and protect the environment and well-being of our communities.”

The incentive aims to help Canada meet the goals of its climate plan : Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change and to align with the Paris Agreement.

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