InMed Pharmaceuticals Leads Breakthrough Medicinal Cannabinoid Pharmaceuticals

InMed Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the development of rare cannabinoids to treat several diseases with high unmet medical needs. They’ve just announced a breakthrough in their IntegraSynTM system, a cannabinoid manufacturing approach, which can now achieve a 2g/L yield. This breakthrough signals commercial viability and is encouraging news for the company’s efforts to move to a large-scale of production. 

They set two goals in an effort to create a cost-effective cannabinoid production system:

  1. Achieve a commercially viable yield higher than current industry standard
  2. Lower manufacturing costs via process optimization

Through the use of sophisticated starting materials and high efficiency enzymes, InMed has successfully created IntegraSynTM to flexibly shift between production of a range of cannabinoids. This flexibility has a key goal: extending the life of the fermentation microbe and optimizes yield long term.

Now you might be thinking, if cannabinoids come from Cannabis plants, why do we need to manufacture them? The medical community has been looking at certain rare cannabinoids as possible treatments – but they are so rare that extracting them is incredibly impractical. With InMed’s production system, these rare cannabinoids will no longer be in limited supply, and are bio-identical to those found in the plant. 

But they aren’t done yet. InMed will continue their research and development, hoping to enhance their enzyme design and make more improvements to optimize manufacturing and purification.

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