New Biotechnology R&D Portal Helps Connect the Industry

A key factor in innovation is having the funds to support the R&D involved. Committing to research and development can be a financially risky move and is often a big deterrent to companies. That’s why it’s big news whenever a new innovation accelerator pops up. BIOTECanada and are partnering to form the Biotechnology R&D Portal and the Biotechnology R&D Showcase webinar series. These programs are aimed at rapidly mobilizing university and hospital research into products and services that truly benefit Canadians.

The Portal will provide a new level of transparency and visibility into the research facilities and intellectual property (IP) in use at universities across the nation. The Showcases will help to form connections and bridge gaps, building better access to the tools needed for big discoveries. is a tool for anyone who wants to access the experts, facilities and IP on campuses across Canada. This tool analyzes published research projects, IP papers, and facilities to build a database of the most relevant institutions, facilities, and licensing opportunities based on your search terms. BIOTECanada is a national association for the biotechnology industry. With the connection of such a strong tool and such a large industry, the Biotechnology R&D Portal could give the industry a new edge and really accelerate the development processes.

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