Ontario Tech University Named as IAEA’s 49th Global Collaborating Centre

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has released an announcement designating Ontario Tech University as a Collaborating Centre. They will support activities surrounding advanced nuclear power technology, small modular reactors (SMRs), and non-electric applications of this nuclear energy. The IAEA is excited to advance research in this industry as nuclear energy is a promising source of sustainable and clean energy. 

Ontario Tech University already holds a prominent role on energy issues with a healthy portfolio of expertise in clean and green energy. With extensive research into hydrogen as a green energy source and how to effectively uncap its potential, Ontario Tech University has set themselves at the forefront of clean energy research in Canada. It is with no surprise then, that they would be the first Canadian institution to receive the Collaborating Centre status.

The key focuses at this Canadian Collaborating Centre will include the development of technology needed to support nuclear energy. This includes hydrogen production, desalination, and district heating. Steven Murphy, President of Ontario Tech University, states “We are leaders in several fields, from hydrogen to nuclear energy and nuclear science, small modular reactors, advanced data analytics and software development.” The agreement will also support the development of training resources to help educate the next generation of engineers, and ensure the clean technology industry continues to advance.

With the addition of Ontario Tech University, there are now 49 active Collaborating Centres worldwide, with over 70 SMRs in various stages of development across the group. With a wide range of experts and countries working together, the IAEA is hoping to crack nuclear energy sooner.

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