Offshore Wind could Power Oil & Gas Drilling Rigs in Maritime Provinces

Waterford Energy Services (WES) – a Newfoundland-based consultancy – and Saitec developed a floating wind-powered drilling concept to cut greenhouse gas emissions from oil & gas operations in the maritime provinces. This concept is being backed by the Canadian government for commercialization with funding coming from Natural Resources Canada..

This concept is being viewed as a “plug-and-play” clean-energy power unit based on Saitec’s swing around twin hull (SWATH) design. Ideally it could run mobile drilling rigs and other offshore installations in the Grand Banks area. 

This design will create a bridge between the world of renewable and non-renewable energy as offshore wind will contribute to the oil & gas industry. Following the first stages, a full field demonstrator would be developed, with a floating wind turbine’s generation linked to an offshore oil & gas complex. 

Blair MacDougall, WES’ president, said: “Saitec’s… and our skills and capabilities complement each other very well. It’s amazing in a way that our joint-venture came about in the midst of a global pandemic, but that’s a testament to our collective belief that we can make this project a reality in the near future.”

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