SaNOtize Announces their COVID-19 Killing Nasal Spray

A viral load is the quantity of virus in a given volume of fluid – usually a biological fluid like blood, saliva etc. There is a correlation between viral load and infection rates – where the greater the viral load and exposure, the higher chance of spreading infection. SaNOtize Research and Development Corp, a Canadian biotech company, has announced their Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray (NONS) which can kill 99% of the viral load.

NONS kills the virus in the upper airways, stopping it before it has a chance to incubate and spread into the lungs. Vaccine development has been underway since the start, working to help prevent the spread on a mass level. But vaccinations are not the only prevention method. With the emergence of NONS, we could see a turning point in how we approach prevention of COVID-19. 

Tested through a double-blind, randomized phase 2 trial, SaNOtize evaluated the impact of their spray on 79 infected participants. Their study showed a 95% reduction in viral load in the first 24 hours, which increased to 99% reduction within 72 hours. Even further – it showed efficacy against the UK variant. 

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