The OGC is Looking for Participants in their 2021 Disaster Pilot

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is preparing for their 2021 Disaster Pilot – and they need participants. This plan follows the successful Disaster Resilience Pilot in 2019 which focused on the demonstration of how useful standards and SDI architecture are within the Disaster community. The 2021 Pilot will focus on improving the ability to use location-based information in support of disaster preparedness and response. 

As the world advances location-based technology and increases their collection of observation data, the OGC focuses on using these technologies to reduce the impacts of disasters like disease, floods, and wildfires. The 2021 pilot specifically wants to connect required players in rapid decision loops – from the data providers to the first responders and decision makers. The pilot will use flooding hazards in the Red River basin in Manitoba as an initial test scenario.

It’s their hope that connecting participants and technology will guide R&D in a variety of industries towards disaster mitigation.

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