Dialpad Increases Investment in Canada

Dialpad, a leader in AI-powered communications, has announced their intention to expand within Canada. They released details regarding their plan to build a modern R&D hub to advance artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and automatic speech recognition.

Dialpad has had a big year with great Series-E funding which allowed them to expand their headcount by 50%. They want to continue this progress by strengthening connections with universities such as UBC. Dialpad has over 160 full-time employees in Canada, most of whom were hired after March 2020. They are trying to maintain this momentum, hiring employees with a focus on AI, NLP, and ASR experts. They need these experts as they advance their research into their proprietary Voice Intelligence tech. 

“As the lead investor in Dialpad’s Series-E funding round, we know how unique and innovative Dialpad’s platform is. We are excited to see the innovations that stem from Dialpad’s increased focus on R&D,” said Mark Shulgan, Managing Director and Head of OMERS Growth Equity. “We are equally thrilled to see Dialpad advancing its ambitious global growth goals by tapping the incredible depth and breadth of Canada’s tech talent – particularly in our home province of Ontario.”

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