Vaxil Releases their R&D Plans

Toronto-based Vaxil Bio Ltd. is an immune-oncology biotech company. Vaxil believes their research allows it to target high profile cancer antigens in a better manner. In other research pipelines they focus on infectious diseases including the research into a COVID-19 vaccine. They have recently provided insight and updates into their R&D progress.

They have redirected their focus putting the spotlight on an oral delivery mechanism across its Signal peptide platform as a treatment platform in both oncology and infectious diseases. Following positive signs of an immune response have prompted the introduction of pre-clinical work to further review this ability. 

In light of success in the COVID-19 vaccine field, Vaxil has put it’s work on a vaccine on temporary hold. They believe they will better serve patients and shareholders by continuing their work into oral delivery development rather than production of another vaccine option. 

They intend to show the robust and consistent immune response generated by the SPs and highlight the long-term value.

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