Avicanna and Bio-Gate to Collaborate on CBD-Based Skincare Line

Avicanna Inc., a Toronto-based biopharmaceutical company, has announced their collaboration with Bio-Gate AG, a German bio-medical company. This collaboration will allow the companies to enter into the first phase of development on their Cannabidiol (CBD) and MicroSilver BGTM skin care products.

Avicanna is known for their development of natural cannabinoid solutions through evidence-based approaches. The project hopes to develop an active cosmetic and dermatological product to use in combination with Bio-Gate’s MicroSilver BG™ and hemp derived CBD. Through this development, the two companies are hoping to discover synergistic anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Following development, they will transition into in vitro studies. 

Aras Azadian, CEO of Avicanna Inc., stated: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership and achievement of our initial milestones with Bio-Gate, a European bio-medical company with focus on health technologies like dermatology and skin care. We are also optimistic about the potential combination of Avicanna’s intellectual property with that of Bio-Gate’s in addition to the market access and expertise that the two companies can provide in this collaboration.”

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