Bluesky Digital Assets Corp Announces Bluesky Intel – a Blockchain Initiative

Bluesky Digital Assets Corp has recently announced their plans to consolidate their R&D efforts in the areas of DEFI (decentralized finance), Stablecoin, and AI initiatives into a single umbrella with a main focus on their blockchain related efforts.

This umbrella will go by Bluesky Intel (BSI), a new moniker to represent all blockchain related R&D efforts by the company. It will also serve as a public engagement platform for all sizes of businesses to utilize and learn about blockchain technology and the value it could bring to their future business and global digital transactions.

The BSI platform will be developed and released in stages over the next four quarters with the first release representing a high-level introduction to BSI’s public blockchain efforts. This will also provide the ability to validate real-world business interest on and for the blockchain. The purpose is to bring together solution providers, experts, and influencers from the blockchain world to develop solutions to businesses who want to adopt blockchain roadmaps into their operations.

Blockchain technology offers a system of recording information in an immutable manner, making it impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. The applications are nearly endless, as it offers a decentralized, distributed ledger with improved security and data recording.

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