Sapientia Technology Announces Breakthrough Food Technology

Eat Well Investment Group Inc. has announced an operational update on their recently acquired food technology company, Sapientia Technology LLC. Through its portfolio companies, Eat Well Group continues to collaborate with the Saskatchewan Food Industry Develop Centre Inc. (“Food Centre”) to commercialize and expand the product offerings of its investee companies. These announcements pertain to technology that will disrupt the entire snack food market, bringing healthier options that still pack in the flavor.

Sapientia, led by Dr. Eugenio Bortone, is responsible for many of our favorite snacks. This food scientist is an expert in extrusion processes and invented the Frito-Lay’s Twisted Cheetos. They have recently filed four foundational patents surrounding the protein curl and crispy puff style snack.

To develop these extrusion methods, they need to innovate ways to achieve the desired texture and crunch at large scale production. These patented technologies aim to solve the key problems faced by the snack food industry for years – how to maintain texture and flavor in a guilt free, non-fried, natural snack. 

“Innovation to date in the snack food sector has been through products that are essentially less bad for you; however, consumers are about to learn that through proprietary formulations, novel IP and trade secrets, Sapientia is developing products that are in fact healthier, and actually better for you,” commented Dr. Gino Bortone, Founder and CEO of Sapientia. “I am thrilled to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar snack category with products that support the best of health & wellness.”

The recently filed patents outline a breakthrough in fried vs. baked extrusion technology processing. This proprietary technology produces the texture of a fried product with the benefits of a baked snack. The formulations also use “better for you” sources of protein and fiber with reduced-fat. Oh what a world it will be, when we will be able to eat our snacks guilt free.

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