Optimi Health Corp to Supply Halucenex Life Sciences Inc. with GMP Psilocybin

Optimi Health Corp and Halucenex Life Sciences Inc. – two Canadian life science companies – have entered into an agreement with each other. This supply agreement will have Optimi Health supplying psilocybe cubensis mushrooms to Halucenex.

Optimi Health produces natural, scalable, and accessible mushroom formulations for use in physical, spiritual, and mental health and well-being. They believe these formulations can both transform and “optimize” human development.

Nova Scotia-based Halucenex has focused their expertise on researching novel psychedelic compounds. This research extends to the development, licensing, and clinical trials of various compounds for use in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets.

This supply agreement comes following Optimi Health’s complete harvest of their first batch of the psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. These will be supplied to Halucenex in the form of whole, dried mushroom fruiting bodies.

“This first supply agreement, coming so soon after our first complete cultivation cycle, is a powerful affirmation of our decision to pursue the development of natural, GMP psilocybin,” said Bill Ciprick, CEO of Optimi. “From this initial proof-of-concept batch, our cultivation team will continue to scale our operations to meet the demands of the sector, domestically and internationally with licensed entities and for individual patients within Canada according to the terms of the Special Access Program.”

The mushrooms supplied to Halucenex will help the company meet one of their top priorities – the procurement of a safe, consistent supply of GMP psilocybin. This will help the company in their efforts to develop a psychedelic-assisted psychotherapeutic model for health conditions including anxiety and PTSD.

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