The Government of Canada Grants $2.4M to Nunavut’s Fishery Projects

Recently, the Honourable Daniel Vandal, Minister of Northern Affairs, Minister for PrairiesCan and Minister for CanNor, announced federal investments of more than $2.4 million, delivered by CanNor, to support three fisheries projects in Nunavut.

Considering fishing and sealing have been integral components seen in Inuit tradition and culture for generations, it’s no surprise that these industries are a cornerstone of the territory’s economy. The investment will further fund jobs and spur economic growth.

The projects and funding include:

  • $1.2 million directed to the Nunavut Fisheries Association
    • The project will monitor stock sustainability and will explore the possibility of adding new species to the commercial fisheries.
    • The project will include research methods to reduce the environmental impacts of catching unwanted fish and marine creatures by trawling.
  • $1.14 million to the Government of Nunavut to increase available monitoring data for Greenland Halibut and Arctic Char.
    • In addition to monitoring, the funding will go towards providing training for community fishermen to develop small scale fisheries, along with marketing and research for the sealing sector.
  • $100, 000 to the Nunavut Fisheries and Marine Training Consortium (NFMTC)
    • The project will develop a new strategic plan to improve training for Inuit fishermen through a mentoring program

The funding comes from CanNor’s IDEANorth program and Northern Aboriginal Economic Opportunities Program (NAEOP). These programs focus on four priority areas: economic growth and sector development; business scale-up, productivity and innovation; small-scale economic infrastructure development; and foundational economic infrastructure. Focus on scaling up productivity and improving innovation are crucial to the growth of an economy. 

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