Buffalo Potash Corp to Open R&D Facility in Estevan

Buffalo Potash Corp., a potash mining company made of local Saskatchewan residents, has announced their plans to open a potash R&D facility in Estevan.

The R&D facility will house a prototype crystallizer along with the associated process equipment and a chemical analysis laboratory needed to conduct the solution mining research. The set up will allow for the testing of potash brines produced from Buffalo’s first mining test sites at Disley and Odessa, and to test processes and equipment designed for installation in a larger fertilizer production facility to be built in the Estevan-Bienfait area.

The plant, named the Estevan Fertilizer Production Facility (EFPF), will make upgraded muriate of potash (MOP), sulphate of potash (SOP), hydrochloric acid and calcium chloride for sale to North American markets.   

With the intention of creating the facility and methods necessary to be a homegrown, fully integrated producer of potash-based fertilizer, the company further intends to partner with the South Saskatchewan Economic Partnership. This partnership will aid in diversifying the local economy, highlighting the advantages the southeast offers to investors and industrial developers. If successful, this facility will show the southeast is not just about oil and can benefit from a mixture of investment in energy, infrastructures, services, and the workforce.

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