Chinova Bioworks Unveils New Vegan Fining Agent

Chinova Bioworks, a New Brunswick-based food technology company, has announced the launch of their MycoKleer™ fining agent. 

Their new fining product is a sustainably produced fining agent designed to save manufacturers time, energy, and money by improving their efficiencies during the clarification process of drinks.

The product offers a vegan alternative to the standard animal-based fining agents. Animal components are replaced with upcycled white button mushrooms. The formula is fast-acting, attracting and binding with yeasts, tannins, and proteins from a range of beverages while eliminating or reducing the time needed for cold crashing, filtration, and centrifugation during beverage manufacturing.

The company was founded in 2016 with the goal of developing and delivering clean-label ingredients and reducing food waste. Since this founding, the company has committed to tireless R&D to tap into the protective qualities of the mushroom’s extract.

The company conducted a series of pilot tests which served as a proof of concept. The pilot tests were performed with Moonshine Creek Distillery (MCD), replacing their previous labour-intensive process. This old process had a standard loss of 10 litres out of every 50-litre batch. Replacing this process saved an additional 3 litres per batch while reducing the amount of materials and labour required.

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