Nova Scotia Startups Score Foodtech Funding

The Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN) has announced an investment of $516,959 in six foodtech projects via their Innovation Booster Program. Industry will match these funds to create projects valued at just under $1 million.

The Innovation Booster Program was designed to provide flexible and rapid support on a cost-shared basis to enable both Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to advance their food innovation and research outcomes.

The latest funding round has closed with 6 recipients:

  1. Impactful Health R&D (IHRD) from Nova Scotia
    • Project Title: Pilot Coating Line
    • Funding: $100, 000
  2. Carbon Graph from Ontario
    • Project Title: Enabling Automated Farm-to-Table Life-Cycle Assessments in Canada
    • Funding: $96,358
  3. Cibotica from British Columbia
    • Project Title: Universal Food-Safe Dispensing Mechanism for Food Makelines
    • Funding: $90,741
  4. Freshline from British Columbia
    • Project Title: Innovating the Global Food Distribution Supply Chain
    • Funding; $83,908
  5. New School Foods from Ontario
    • Project Title: A Novel Process to Create Plant-based Fish That Flakes
    • Funding: $80,5026
  6. ABCO Industries from Nova Scotia
    • Project Title: Experimental Validation and Verification of a Novel Blanching Process-Harnessing the Full Potential of Direct Steam Injection
    • Funding; $64,926

IHRD is developing sustainable active packaging to prolong the shelf life of raw proteins, starting with fresh fish. The Innovation Booster will support the testing of a continuous film coating pilot line using their proprietary Actipack coating. This coating can be applied on the food-facing surface of packaging film to prevent bacterial growth.

ABCO uses a proprietary Heat & Hold Blancher to thermally blanch vegetables. The funding will support the company as they work to reduce energy and water consumption required to operate their systems while maximising yields and nutrition. If successful, this will pave the way for ABCO to begin commercialising a new blancher that uses a more efficient and effective steam process for heat delivery.

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